House in Marbella

Hello, today we offer you a villa in marbella Spain. The first thing we can see when we come to the villa is a large movable spacious facade, in front of which is a large spacious pool with clear warm water. Cacti of various shapes and sizes are planted around the facade (some are smaller, others are larger). When we come inside, we can see the first room, which can be called an almost unfurnished spacious living room, in which there is a large wooden table and in front of it is a coffee table and opposite it a beautiful designer chair.

vnitřní bazén

From the living room we can see a wide area, because the whole living room is glazed, so we can easily see everything around. There is a fan hanging on the ceiling, which ensures that you are not too hot, because in Spain it is usually very hot. In front of the house is a huge terrace if you want to relax or just sunbathe in the sun. A lounger is also used for this. The terrace is also designed with stones for decoration in various patterns. Another room is the bedroom. We can see this as we climb the white stairs with the railing up to the bedroom. When we come to the bedroom, we can see a large spacious four-poster bed with gray sheets. The room in the bedroom is painted gray, so everything goes together. Next to the large double bed is a small yellow coffee table on which you can put some things if you need (such as books, mobile phone, charger and so on). Furthermore, we can see another room, which is the living room, which is really luxuriously furnished and has really modern furniture, which everyone will surely like.

čistý bazén

Number of rooms: three

House area: one hundred and fifty square meters

House price: two hundred thousand euros

We believe that you will like this house. If you are interested, contact us by phone or e-mail, please. We will enjoy for your call or email.

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